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How to Buy Chicken Wire - from

This page on e-how unfortunately appears to be no more than a holding page for advertising. - the website for the global poultry industry

The Poultry Site is a useful resource including news, discussion forums, and business directories on chicken and poultry related issues.

There's a rat in me compost - advice on a BBC blog

This posting includes contributions from users recommending chicken wire as an effective protection against rats getting into compost bins.

Chicken wire - the motion picture!

This page at The Film Centre includes details of "Chickenwire", a film released in 1993. It is described thus: During a violent electrical storm, a space-travelling metal cockerel crash-lands in a chicken farmer's field. He brings with him the grand promise of a technical innovation unknown on earth - electric eggs!

Chicken Wire Tutorial from CJ of DreadNight

This page describes how to make a figurine using poultry netting .



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